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The festival season kicked into full swing earlier this month as Brighton’s seaside felt the full brunt of an indie armada, welcoming The Great Escape festival to its sunny shores. What better way then, you might ask, to see in the shift in the seasons and salute the sunshine [with his hat on] than this summery playlist? With everything from The Rolling Stones to Sly and his Family one, the 7 o’clock Bop was back manning the airwaves all over East London.

A new week here at Hoxton HQ and we were privy to new sounds from San Fran goth pop, Wax Idols [yes, really] ahead of the return later this month with their sophomore release. Hop in as we cruise along with the giddy tenacity of ultra cool indie super group, Her Parents [featuring (ex)members of Dananananaykroyd, Internet Forever and Stairs to Korea, no less!] and take a spin in their latest; ‘Lithuanean Mercedes’. And it’s one heck of a joyous ride!

In a similarly hectic vein, the one man band brilliance of Bass Drum of Death returns with ‘Shattered Me’ and we proudly boast Californian duo, Deap Valley’s latest single as the blues soaked, tassle clad pair prepare to release their debut Sistrionix later this month on Island Records. This week’s Divine Unsigned came from the oh-so-worthy, Shopping; 100% Billy, Andrew and Rachel. PRE-ORDER THE VINYL HERE. MILK 015 IN OTHER WORDS.

Finally, as is customary here on the 7 o’clock Hoxton Bop, we compile our ‘For All The Festival Heads’ playlist with some choice tracks from We Are Scientists, ‘The Great Escape’ [obvs] and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Green Man[alishi]; oh, how we guffawed! You can listen to the full themed playlist in its entirety over on the Spotify listing.

‘Til next week, Hammerites!


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Hooray, hooray! It’s the first of May. A whole summer of music begins today…and we’re feeling super giddy at Hammer HQ as we embark on a heady few months of festival frenzy! With that sentiment in mind, we kick off with some fresh tropical charisma from Sao Paulo as CSS return with the new rocksteady sounds of ‘Hangover’ and Argentina’s finest post punk lasses, Las Kellies spoil us with their former Record Store Day release, ‘Erase You’. Fire Records, you noble label of dreams.

With everything from Wax Idols to Wild Belle in the playlist, after a week off this week’s show was packed to the brim with new music. We hark back to the nineties with cool nonchalance of London’s latest FFIB [female fronted indie band, yah?’ Blackeye rekindling a lot of my teen angst mixtapes in one natty vid and also, indulge in the beautiful waltz trills of the new one from Just Handshakes, ‘Bright Lights’. Dazzling, indeed. 

The weekly Divine Unsigned post is succeeded by the very worthy and vitriolic cry of Arrows of Love; a heady brew of dark and distorted guitars and gloriously chaotic choruses, their former single ‘Honey’ being no exception. Similarly commonplace, this week’s themed playlist plays homage to the humble change of seasons as we compile a suitably summery May Day playlist and spin out everything from Lesley Gore’s sunshine tones to Mark Bolan’s Beltane coo with ‘Ride Like a Swan’, naturally. You can listen to the Spring selection in all its glory on the Spotify playlist.


So listen up! and again to this week’s over at the official Hoxton Radio Mixcloud and get on in the sunshine with you! 


Here comes the hammer!


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Drip, drip, drab; what almighty April showers! We’re staying warm and dry here on HMS Hammer so hunker down and listen back to this week’s show as we sail through a whole host of rocky delights not to mention, unveiling brand new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track, ‘Under the Earth’. 

We sample a spot of Stockport’s finest and recent Jake Bugg tour chum, Findlay with her latest offering ‘Off and On’ whilst Suffolk indie rock juggernaut, Horse Party take the crown for the newly revitalised show featurette, The Divine Unsigned [and quite rightly so with this little number!]

This week’s customary themed playlist was a blast from the past, indeed as we looked back at mega pop rapper, MC Hammer and his ludicrously low slung pants who both filed for bankruptcy on this day way back in 1996. Seems only fitting then to roll out the hard time anthems in the Hammer To Fall playlist which you can now listen to in its entirety. With everything from Hammer Horror’s to The Taxman, consider yourself suitably hammered. Or so to speak.

Listen again on the Hoxton Radio Mixcloud and see all the playlist in its righteous glory, it’s hammer time!


"Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

Never use a long word where a short one will do.

If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.

Never use the passive where you can use the active.

Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.”

- George Orwell 

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It’s hammer time once more on Hoxton Radio and with the Easter bunny just around the corner, what better way to bound into Spring than some of the hazy electro sounds that this week’s playlist. Swedish electro duo, Be The Bear unveil their upcoming single ‘Bump’ and we are treated to the brand new, cruising sounds of the lush and lilting Big Deal with ‘In Your Car’.

Stepping up the ferocity levels to eleven, new show crush Her Parents and our beloved, Art Brut rack up quite a raucous coupling with their respective latest endeavors so seems only fair to link those two together in the token ‘This Is My Real Singing Voice’ section of the show.

This week’s customary themed playlist takes a look at the recent [and frankly shocking] news that feminist icon and racy Gossip front woman, Beth Ditto has been arrested due to her recent brawl with a barman in her hometown of Portland leaving us all to muse over an appropriate soundtrack to such a news story. No? Well, if you were, it could have swaggered like this as we spin out The Doors’ ‘Whisky Bar’ [‘if only someone hadn’t led me to the next, croons Morrison] and of course, a spot of The Cramps with ‘New Kind of Kicks’. Too soon?

Finally, we teased you with our timely tweets but we’re smugly brandishing the new Savages record for an exclusive spin here on HMS Hoxton. ‘She Will’ is a haunting preview of what to expect from the forthcoming full release from the band due out in May ahead of their live show at London’s very own, Field Day festival. We can’t wait!

And you don’t have to either; listen again now over on the Hoxton Radio Mixcloud and see all the playlist in all its East end glory! 

Stay tuned, hammerites!


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Well, apologies firstly for the radio silence [no pun intended] Feeling refreshed and reinvigorated from a week’s jolly to the beautiful Devon coast, it was with much jollity and elation that I headed back to Hoxton HQ weighted down with a whole two weeks’ worth of new music finds and classic tracks from the vault.

With this sentiment in mind, we kicked off the show with a spot of David Lee Roth [king of the lions] and ‘Shoo Bop’, the clues in the name, and rejoiced in the rediscovery of snotty party punks Be Your Own Pet’s front woman Jemina Pearl’s brand new project, Ultras S/C. This band has some pedigree too when it comes to musicianship having only bagged Jack White’s former roomie on lead duties; not too shabby.

This week’s themed playlist heralded our great, great prog fathers with all their psyche and sprawling sound skills as we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. If you want to indulge in all the dark vibes that made it into the playlist, you can see the final cut over here on ‘In the Pink’ Spotify playlist.

We were thinking more Nick Drake with ‘Pink Moon’ than any Dream Theatre delights or Rush jam outs as we pulled together a whole host of Pink Floyd inspired greats; with nods to the standout singles, with Barrett Strong’s ‘Money’ and the band’s psych sensibilities with a spot of ‘Pretty in Pink’ thanks to the Pyschedelic Furs [that’s two in one] There was even time to indulge in a choice cover as rock juggernauts, Foo Fighters take on the might of ‘Have A Cigar’, with a rare outing from the behind the drums and on to the mic for Taylor Hawkins. Oh, yes.

But it wasn’t all witticisms and offbeat numbers that made it onto the airwaves though, oh no. We had a whole wealth of new music lined up from the angular pop hooks of Concrete Knives to the exotic and eclectic sounds of Stereo Total as they ponder, ‘Qu’est ce que tu veux?’

Probably to listen to the whole thing all over again, right? Well, now you can; head over to the Hoxton Radio Mixcloud to hear the show in its entirety once more. Plus, why not check out the full schedule to see when you’ll next find us playing out across the East London airwaves,

Til next time, hammerites!


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This week’s 7 O’clock Hoxton Bop saw us taking on the mammoth [but possibly waning] might of our national music awards, The Brits following rather a dismal host of nominations and winners at last week’s ceremony. Seems only fitting then to call together our East London alternative know-how and savvy to conjure up a far more fitting Best of British playlist. You can see all the acts that made the final cut by subscribing to the playlist over on Spotify just here.

We were thinking more Breeders ‘London Song’ though than Billy Bragg as we see everything from English Rose, PJ Harvey and her homeland ode ‘Let England Shake’ to poet and patriot, Scroobius Pip’s ‘Great Britain’ making it onto the playlist. There was even time to shoehorn in a spot of national treasure and TV sweetheart, Rolf Harris onto the listings, naturally [he’s racked up at least 60 years on the old devices now, you know?]

But it wasn’t all witticisms and offbeat numbers that made it onto the airwaves though, oh no. We had a whole wealth of new music lined up from off kilter visual and musical artists, Beaty Heart as well as the ferocious and latest sounds from London noise-niks, Ice Sea Dead People. We were also pretty excited to welcome back the powerful charisma of Beth Ditto and band as Gossip implore us to er, Get A Job. Alright, guys - this is just a sideline!

Listen again to this week’s show over at the Hoxton Radio Mixcloud. You can tune in live every Wednesday night from 7pm or alternatively, check out the full schedule to see when you’ll next find us playing out across the East London airwaves,

It’s hammertime!


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March really is the month for merry new music and this week’s  wealth of new tracks and sneaky spins is surely testament to that. Buzzcocks sounding art punk from ex Electricity in our Homes, Charlie Boyer and his Voyeurs brought their new single to the mix along withthe beautifully dusky brilliance of Dark Horses who make it to East London at the end of next month for a show at The Babble Jar.

We delved into a matter of rock royalty for the themed playlist and pulled on our plaid shirts and suitably grunge tees to celebrate what would’ve been Nirvana frontman and 90s icon, Kurt Cobain’s 46th birthday in mix tape form. Nods to Sonic Youth and the Meat Puppets were no surprise but we paid homage to his first full length in form of London based [and Lauren Laverne’s new favourite band, no less] Bleech…and what more of an excuse do we need to welcome Kathleen Hanna back on the airwaves as the original muse for Smells Like Teen Spirit having scrawled something similar on his bedroom wall all those years ago…

You can now subscribe, to the entire Cool Like Kurt playlist over on Spotify to check out all those tracks that made the cut. 

Putting a much needed spring in our step with her hand claps and joviality, Laura Mvula releases her summery single ‘Green Garden’ just on Monday which almost certainly necessitates a play out. This week also saw the return of Vuvuvultures ironically entitled ‘Stay Still’; a definite one for the dance floor.

Get down with the latest show over on the Hoxton Radio Mixcloud. You can tune in live to the 7 o’clock Hoxton Bop every Wednesday night or alternatively, check out the full schedule to see when you’ll next find us playing out across the East London airwaves,

Toodle pip, Hammerheads!